26 March 2007

Olympic Logos

It began years ago as a friendly contest between Dickie and I. We would design Olympic logos for certain cities, using only basic coloring materials, and adjudge whose design is hotter. Think Project Runway but with Olympic logos instead of clothes. Being fierce competitors, we were always trying to outdo each other with newer and more complicated designs, concepts and techniques. When the smoke finally cleared, we created, in my humble and unbiased opinion, the most spectacular, life-saving Olympic logos out there. Ever. (Okay, maybe some of them don't look like Olympic logos at all, but that's not that point). Here are some of my babies:

And here's the complete set:

Acapulco, Mexico
Amarillo, Texas, USA
Bangkok, Thailand
Beijing, China
Bordeux, France
Buckingham, England
Cairo, Egypt
Cannes, France
Caracas, Venezuela
Hongkong, China
Kingston, Jamaica
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Palermo, Italy
Puerto Princesa, the Philippines
Stuttgart, Germany


RiverDexter said...

I don't get the Buckingham and the Stutgart...??? What were you tniking of those cities? :-)

But I love the Acapulco though.

RiverDexter said...

By the way Mr. Hubs. I always visit your blog here. I'm the one who wrote to you about putting a comment box on your posts. Remember me? I'm connected to your blog. Check me out!


I must admit, I kinda ran out of concepts for those two cities.

I'll be checking your blog now.....

Cool blog. I'll link you up. By the way, what's your nationality?

RiverDexter said...

Oh thanks! I'm Thai-Belgian. (Spicy Chocolate-- hahahha!)

Your traffic is really moving isn't it? I was checking you out around the blog listings! Good work!


Thai-Belgian? Mmm, sounds yummy.

ONAI said...

nice artwork...


Thanks Onai!

barny said...

wow, these are actually good. very creative :)

MisterHeuge said...

@barny Thanks! Although the pictures still don't them justice. =)

Anonymous said...

wow! these are great! you are so talented. you are the Talented Mr. Heuge :-) (i loved buckingham)

Amber Massey said...

And you only used basic coloring tools? What, colored pencils? Crayons? They are really impressive and as everyone stated, incredibly creative. Do you do a lot of artwork on the side?

MisterHeuge said...

@Amber Massey Thanks! Yeah, I used colored pens, pencils, crayons and correction fluid for these. No, I don't do artwork professionally; it's a little hobby of mine. =)

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