12 March 2008

Ten Most Over-Sung Videoke Songs

If I ever hear any of these songs being warbled one more time in a videoke bar, I swear, I’ll Texas chainsaw-massacre everyone in sight. Enough with these over-played songs already, people!

1. I’ll Be by Edwin McCain. Want to be “love’s suicide” eh? Here’s a razor, a nylon rope, and a can of Baygon. Prove it.

2. I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith. And I don’t want to miss my sanity. And you don’t want to miss your semi-precious life. Choose another song, buddy.

3. Crazy For You by Madonna. Nice song. Until you’ve heard it a million times. And then you want to pull your poor eardrums out and dip them in fluorosulfuric acid.

4. Weak by SWV. Yeah, you definitely will be. Right after I bludgeon your head with this 10-pound Magic Sing microphone.

5. Just Once by James Ingram. Every time this song is sung, a cute, harp-playing angel dies. Quit murdering angels, people.

6. Dancing Queen by ABBA. Unless you’ve just had a sex change within the last 24 hours and are auditioning for Mamma Mia! the musical, please don’t even sing this one. I mean it.

7. Build Me Up Buttercup by the Foundation. That "Ah-ah-ah-I need you-wooh..." line is the audio equivalent of one year’s stay in Guantanamo Bay. Ugh.

8. Tattooed On My Mind by D’Sound. Sweetie, singing this over and over again won’t bring your ex back. It might bring dead animals back to life but not your ex. Get over it.

9. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. You spoke too soon. Here, let me just strap you in this suicide bomber’s vest and push this red button. There you go.

10. My Way by Frank Sinatra. Also known as “One of the Leading Causes of Death in the Philippines” and “My Last Few Slurry Words.” Don’t believe me? Want to tempt fate? Then go ahead, sing:

Are you dead yet?


the nomad said...

I am a slave of the videoke machine, and when I see a mic in sight, every person within a 3-meter radius gives way to me.

Thankfully, none of those are among my choices so I don't get bludgeoned when you happen to hear me singing.

jericho said...

mr. misterhubs, if you're ever in one of our videoke parties, then there will be the "Hong Kong Massacre" ..;)

Anonymous said...

11. Cruisin'

12. Unwell

ming meows said...

mahilig pala magvideoke si misterhubs

Coldman said...

aahhh! adik din ako sa videoke, pero wala dyan yun mga kinakanta ko!

mahilig ka palang kumanata? lol

nightdreamer said...

You forgot to add "Bed of Roses" by Jon Bon Jovi!

Mugen said...

buti na lang at wala pa dito yung wherever you will go ng the calling. Yun lang ang kaya ko kantahin eh. Ehehe.

Quentin X said...

But, Misterhubs, Gaynor's I Will Survive is a gay anthem!

Steffi said...

I like singing "Weak" and "tattooed on my mind". hahaha... so you killed me twice over.

but i'll gladly bludgeon anyone who ever sings "my way" within a 1 mile radius from my bed at midnight.

Edik said...

misterhubs, i hate videokes/karaokes since the day it was invented. i die everytime i hear people sing with their karaokes especially those offkey singers. they rather fellatio their mics.

Vince said...

I must've sung "I'll Be" once or twice so I'd surely be dead. Hehehe. Buttercup is a staple in my officemates' parties. :-)


@ the nomad: I might bludgeon you with a different mike though. ;-)

@ jericho: I promise, no blood bath when I'm with you guys.

@ Anonymous: Noted. Ugh, I hate Crusin'.

@ Ming Meows: Oo naman. Bwakaw nga ako sa mike eh.

@ Coldman: Videoke tayo pagkatapos natin magpakitaan!

@ Nightdreamer: Ugh. "Bed of Roses." The ultimate beer club song.

@ Mugen: No. 13 yun. Hehe.

@ Quentin X: I know. But still. How many gays can actually do that song justice?


@ steffi: I'll kill you twice but then I'll bring you back to life with my rendition of "Umbrella." Hehe.

@ edik: Don't you just hate it too when your neighbors have a karaoke party in the middle of the night?

@ vince: Repent! Repent! It's not too late. Hehe.

Borgy said...

THROUGH THE FIRE should be here. argh!!!

wanderingcommuter said...

guilty from one to nine...

i'd rather join the pabasa than sing my way... hahaha!

aj sotteau said...

you forgot laklak..uso sa probinsiya namin yan haha..

ako, i'd sing sleeps with butterflies by tori amos or paper bag by fiona apple, para something new..

hello there, misterhubs, i am a fan..bow!


@ borgy: Oh yeah. Unless your first name is "Chaka", stay away from this song.

@ wanderingcommuter: Mmkay. That means I have to kill you then. Hehe.

@ aj sotteau: Laklak? Never heard of that before.

Thanks! :-)

palma tayona said...

Ginoong Misterhubs,

Sa tingin ko eh ang inyong sinurvey eh yaong mga videoke bars na kadalasang pinupuntahan lamang ng mga PLU. Ang inyong listahan ay kulang o dili kaya'y may mali. Kapag sinimulan nilang pumunta sa mga videoke bar sa labas ng makati at malate, matutuklasan nilang tama si aj sotteau. LAKLAK at yaong mga kanta ng iba pang mga lokal na banda ang sikat. Nabibilang dito ang TATSULOK ni BAMBU, mga kanta pa rin ng Eraserheads, kay Regine velasquez at Ogie Alcasid.

Yung kay Edwin McCain, madalas lamang nakakanta yan sa Malate't Makati. At tignan mo kung sino yung kumakanta, kadalasan eh PLU na may kinang sa mata. :-)


P.S. Ewan ko sa kanila, pero dito sa Pasay, ang masasabi ko eh ang sikat na kinakanta dito ng mga baklang nagbibihis babae eh yung kanta ni Regine na "Shine, Shine with the Light of the Heavens..."

Sa totoo lang, ang sarap nilang pagmumurahin at pagbabatuhin ng bote kapag ginagawa nila yan ng ala-una ng madaling araw. Kaso lang eh batalyon sila kapag nagalit at karamihan sa mga ito eh kapitbahay.

Pwedeng ipa-pulis pero, panghabambuhay kang hindi makakapagpagupit sa kanila.

GeoRge said...

Good thing "Better Days" (Dianne Reeves) wasn't included. Guilty ako dun I always request my friends to sing that.


@ palma tayona: I hereby amend the title of this post to: "Ten Most Over-Sung Videoke Songs In IO and Music 21, Jupiter St. Makati."

@ GeoRge: Don't worry. Better Days is way down there in my list.

chase / chubz said...

i love "i don't wanna miss a thing". but i wouldn't dare to sing that sa videoke.

kakanta nalng ako ng sexyback by JT.
with sexy dance. ehehahahah

Anonymous said...

Pang warm up ko yung "How cani fall" by the Cutting Crew. Tapos anything goes. I try to find songs na hinde oversung. Sometimes i start to dislike songs pag oversung na sa videoke.

palma tayona said...

How Can I Fall ng Cutting Crew?? yuk-yuk-yuk-yuk... kapag kinakanta ko yan nung grade 5 ako kailangan kong ipitin ang ilong ko para makuha ko yung "ipit" na boses. mwehehehe

Anonymous said...

total eclipse of the heart!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

But I love "I don't wanna miss a thing"!!!! Lalo na pag medyo husky na yung voice ko sa kakabirit ever.


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