16 April 2009

Holy Week in Davao

Unlike past Holy Weeks where I bled my eyes watching re-runs of 7th Heaven or ocularly molested beach bodies while innocently sipping a parasoled fruit shake in Boracay, I visited my geographical birthplace (as opposed to my literal birthplace, mom’s Fallopian tube), which, for the benefit of those who don’t have classified access to my personal records, is Davao, the land of Durian, Waling-Waling, and some endangered monkey-eating eagles.

With me in this trip was my nuclear family: father, mother, sister, brother, and iPod nano. Together, we embarked on a journey which saw us scale the zenith of Mount Apo, scuba dive for sunken WWII warships near Talomo beach, zip-line through a forest at Camp Sabros, and hand-feed hungry crocodiles with only a mesh wire separating us from the afterlife.

Or so my brother and I hoped to happen.

In reality and due to time constraints and life-insurance clauses, our excursion consisted mainly of dining out in restaurants (e.g., Mers, Jack’s Ridge, etc.); visiting my 85-year-old grandma, who, after being reminded that I’m his 30-year-old grandson, pressed that I get married and have cute, cuddly babies already “before her time comes to an end” (Talk about pressure!... Hmm, I wonder if she prefers a Vietnamese or a Malawian great grandchild...); inspecting our parents’ future retirement home, currently just a vacant lot near a virgin beach; swimming and cam-whoring in the hotel pool; and shopping for pasalubong.

Despite the absence of an adrenaline-pumping adventure, my visit to Davao was an anti-oxidizing break from urbanity and sure beats watching Charlton Heston part the Red Sea with his staff (insert dirty thought here) for the nth time.

Random photos from my journey:

Demonstrating What To Do When Your Plane Plunges
In a Death Spiral Before Exploding In Mid-Air.

Arriving at Davao International Airport.
Me: "Ah, Davao... I can almost smell durian in the air."
My bro: "Sorry, kuya. I farted."

Digos, Davao del Sur.

Tall Coconut Trees
(Boy Abunda, don't you dare dry-hump them.)

A Remote Beach.

At Grandma's House. Capiz Shell Windows.

A Black & White TV Set.

"Granny, may I watch America's Next Top Model here?"

"OMG! The neighbor's house is burning!"

"Quick!!... Take my picture!"

Shopping for a pasalubong.

"Hmm, would Eugey wear this?"

"Oh, I think he'll like these... Assorted durian candies."

Rice Wrapped In Coconut Leaves.

Mers' Jelly Rolls.
My second favorite tubular thing to put inside my mouth.

Too bad, "Poker Face" isn't part of their repertoire.

My underwater impression of a dissected frog.

About to emerge from the pool...

and now my first, frontal picture
in the history of this blog....

"Hey you guys!"


AJ said...

Panalo ang Frontal!

Pasalobong naman kabayan! hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Mister Heuge and Migs - the two gay bloggers who wont/dont show their faces sa blogs nila. Bakit kaya?

a) Hindi pa sila totally OUT
b) They're on PNP's Most Wanted list
c) Kamukha nila si Freddie Krueger
d) Playgays sila, baka mabuking ng BF
e) All of the above

Bibe Gandanghari

loudcloud said...

bibe g i might as well add:

- multiple contracts / fatwa for his head issued by pops, bhoy a, madam auring, mystika, gretchen, and philippine fashion week designers etc.

Q said...

Tsk MH talaga, are you getting buff? :P hahahaha.


wonderland said...

ang daya!!!!!!

it's a sham :(.

I thought that finally after reading almost all ur blog entries for a couple of days na il get to see who's behind them.....


I guess il dream on muna

Anonymous said...

i love the frontal pic! cguro mas ma e-enhance ang features mo pag mas malayo.

keep on posting stuff!

--from gb

i'm a narnian said...

panalo ang post na ito. ang daming nasusunog. two days ago, bus ang nasunog sa labas ng office namin. LOL.

r-yo said...

gawin bang background ang sunog? he he. ibang klase! at ang bahay, capiz! old rich!

john stanley said...

the place where you shopped for pasalubong is quite familiar. is that the one fronting ateneo de davao?

were you able to try luz kinilaw? heavenly...

Anonymous said...

di naman binalot ang rice sa banana leaf...coconut leaves yan misterheuge...hehehe you called it here PUSO...

Edik said...

which reminds me of my grandparents house that used to have capiz windows. too bad my aunties changed the whole house into a tomb-like edifice because wood structures are prone to sunoggggg!

MisterHeuge said...

@AJ: Durian candies na lang meron dito. =)

@Bibe: Haha. Pwedeng None of the Above?

@Loudcloud: Yep, I'm the Rushdie of Attention Whores. =)

@Q: Buff ka dyan.

@Wonderland: Patience, patience.

@GB: Thanks! If you zoom in close enough, you'll see that my zipper is open. Hehe.

@Narnian: It's that damn heat.

@R-Yo: Magandang back-drop eh. Hehe.

@John Stanley: Yep, it's that place. I would probably love Luz Kinilaw if I'm a seafood lover but sadly, I'm not.

@Anonymous: Thanks for the correction! =)

@Edik: Sayang naman. Capiz shell windows are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

was that really Bebe Gandanghari leaving a comment? --- hmmm...she does follow your blog (kung siya talaga yun).

Anonymous said...

i love your legs talaga. how tall are you?:)

E said...

BWahahahah! frontal nga ilang metro naman ang layu ehehehe! nice ancestral house! Like always, another cool post from the best! :-)

MisterHeuge said...

@Anonymous I doubt if it's the real Bebe.

@Anonymous Thanks! I'm.. tall enough. =)

@E: Salamat!

Dhexta said...

We look alike Misterhubs....

....from a posterior view.. ;)

mick said...

His anonymity keeps him interesting. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hello? Di po ako si Rustom noh. Kaya nga Bibe as in "duck"! Duh! Pa-anonymity mysteriosity epek din ako noh.

Come to think of it, parang nakita ko na itong si Mister Heuge.

Bibe Gandanghari

jamie da vinci! said...

was at that same market as well and bought malongs and suha. got mistaken as korean (again) but i really shudnt b surprised anymore. grabe, nakakatakot naman yung sunog. lalo na since kahoy pa mga bahay dyan. we used to live in a similar house here in tondo. i miss the tall capiz windows and the hardwood floors... perfect for tropical summers! sadly, they tore it down na to make way for a parking lot... sigh... that's progress for you!

Quentin X said...

Monet. :-)

Pika said...

Hahahaha! Good job! I can see you from here!

Z said...

Digos proper ba place nyo kuya?
Diba papunta dun sa beach sa Digos sasakay ka pa ng tryke??
Sa aldevinco shopping center ung nakapink tee ka??
Sa Chinatown-Magsaysay park ba ung me mga durian candies?
Ganda naman ng front pic...hahaha sa jack's ridge... hindi ba sila nag bonfire?

Anonymous said...

parang setting naman ng good friday horror story un bahay ni lola!

loved your post!!!!

MisterHeuge said...

@Dhexta: We can be posterior twins. Hehe.

@Mick: And it also keeps potential stalkers away.

@Jamie: Nakakatakot nga yung sunog. Buti na lang, di siya kumalat sa ibang mga bahay at walang nadisgrasya.

@Pika: And I can see you too. =P

@Z: Oo, oo, oo, hindi, hindi.

@Anonymous: Thanks!

MamaS said...

I heard that Chocoleit, the stand up comedian, was from Davao and that their house (where her mother lives) burnt down Holy Week also. She died in the fire. Was that Chocoleit's house?

Edrick said...

wow, lovit, layogenic!

MisterHeuge said...

@MamaS Nope.

tomas_md said...

ung last pic sa people's park un hehehe

Anonymous said...

hi mr. hubs. taga Digos diay ang imong pamilya?


Anonymous said...

hahaha! "OMG! The neighbor's house is burning!"
"Quick!!... Take my picture!"

johnnypanic said...

you were in Digos Misterhubs? i dropped by the small town several times this summer! we might have even walked past each other. :)

MisterHeuge said...

@coolit yes. mother's side.

@johnnypic it's possible. =)

Anonymous said...

I find your caption on the plane pic, so funny!!!

Lance C. said...

Been absent here for a long time and wow!, a new blog name. Okay, let me backtrack some more to find out why. ???

By the way, I think the flight attendant in the picture is my sister in law. :)

MisterHeuge said...

@Lance C. Hey I remember you. Long time, no see. =)

Lance C. said...

Wow, it's good to know that you remember me. :)

Yeah, long time no see.

As a fan of your blog, I'm really happy for you and Euge. Parang nakilala ko na rin s'ya when I finished reading his blog entries just like when I've "known" you thru your posts way back. :) It's always nice to know about happy and flourishing relationships like MisterHeuge.

Btw, me and my partner share the same passion for trying out restaurants, too.

MisterHeuge said...

@Lance C: So you've discovered his blog too, eh. We should do a double date! =)

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Anonymous said...

misterhub i just read your blog and im from digos also.... love it this entry

Boracay Hotels said...

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