17 October 2016

Infinity Run (Part One)

When Hubby asked, ever so casually, if I’d like to join him in an early morning, five kilometer “Mizuno Infinity Run”, my knee-jerk answer was an exaggerated and swooping “N-ooooooooo-oh,” which sounded like me saying “no” in super slow-motion.

“But why not?” Hubby asked although, having walked with me countless times in malls with huge floor spaces, he already had an idea what I was about to say. I have flat feet. I tire easily. I move in a salamander pace. I can’t do long-distance. “Plus,” I added. “I’ve worn out my old running shoes.” So there. End of discussion.

Or so I thought.

“You don’t even want to try? Not even once? Not even for me or for yourself?” Hubby asked. The last time he asked these same questions, he was coaxing me to eat sushi, which I begrudgingly did, much to my puking regret. Then he said the magic words: “There will be a lot of cute guys there, you know.”

Mmmm. Cute guys. Hmm, since he put it that way… Wait. Stop it. Must. Not. Give. In. “But... but I don’t have any shoes. I can’t use my badminton shoes for that. And I’ve worn out all my other rubber shoes,” I said.

Sensing that my defenses have been compromised, Hubby pressed on.

“I can lend you my shoes.”

“But your feet is bigger than mine.”

“Maybe you can borrow your brother’s?”

“I don’t know. He might also use them tomorrow.”

“You sure you can’t use your old rubber shoes?”

“I’m sure. The outsoles are about to fall off.”

“Can’t you just epoxy them?”

“I doubt if that’ll work.”

“That’s too bad… Did I mention about the cute guys?” He asked it in a taunting, sing-song way.

I envisioned a mass of muscle-strapped men in mini mesh shorts. Mmmm. “A lot of cute guys?”

“A lot.”

I took a moment to weigh things over.

Joining the “Mizuno Infinity Run”

1. It’ll please Hubby, the love of my life.
2. I’ll lose some calories.
3. I’ll have something to blog about.
4. Cute guys in crotch shorts.

1. Must wake up early.
2. My flat feet, weak left knee.
3. Yesterday, during yoga class, I almost fainted.
4. I’d have to buy new rubber shoes and I’ve already spent too much this week.
5. Long-distance running is not my idea of fun.

“So?” Hubby asked. “You joining?”

(To Be Continued.)


joelmcvie said...

Not to ruin your story here (I read your Tweets earlier), but let me just share that my trainer joined the run too, and today his feet were killing him.

Mugen said...

Trey (JustfortheTrip) joined that marathon too.

Princhecha Fiona said...

I was there too! :p

red the mod said...

Well, being selfish (and with a tad sense of self-entitlement) I would promptly assert to play badminton instead. You know, there are cute guys at the courts as well. I'm sure your Hubby will concur.

The cardio from badminton is definitely a good workout, plus it's easier to sight the plethora than vehemently playing catch-up at a run.

But that's me. Id rather have coffee and shop/ canvass.

Unless it involves dancing and gymnastics. Now that's a different story.

Mikkoi said...

try it misterhubs. i've tried it with my booboo bear and i enjoyed it. just think about the time you will be spending together. and did i mention the cute guys?

kiyoshii said...

i just that epoxy will save the day!
long live epoxy!

kiyoshii said...

i just *hope* that epoxy will save the day!
long live epoxy!

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Nakuh sis, I hope you didn't tire yourself too much! :-)

Kiks said...

naggaswim lang ako... unless the whole road is rubberized... char!

Jane said...

yey.. im not the only who dont like sushi.. :)

Quentin X said...

I've been wanting to do a run but I have no one to go with. I don't want to look like Nigel No-friends.

Misterhubs said...

@ joelmcvie: good to know that even trainers get tired feet.

@ mugen: talaga? i could've bumped into him and never knew.

@ princhecha fiona: you too? dapat pala nag eyeball tayo. hehe.

@ red the mod: when hubby asks me something, my default answer is yes. that's just the kind of hubby i am.

@ mikkoi: i did! and i'll reveal what happened next in the 3rd installment.

@ kiyoshii: even epoxy has it limits.

@ marcus: tire is too mild a term for what i felt after the run.

@ kiks: haha.

@ jane: i'm sure there's a lot of us in the i-hate-sushi club.

@ quentin x: try doing it by yourself. who knows, you might meet someone there.

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